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DLA “Around the East”     Vol. 2 Issue 26          May 4, 2012

I Want to Know how to Grow!

By Courtney Gutteridge:

Some of you might know Teresa L. Irvin from previous features in this newsletter (including this one). Outside of being a Material Examiner and Identifier for the CPB at Susquehanna, she is now a self-published children’s book author.

I Want To Know How To Grow includes not only Irvin’s words but her photos as well. She’s exhibited photos at an art gallery, in newsletters, and even our own WORLD magazine. Her poetry has been featured in several magazines and newspapers in the Washington, D.C. area.

She has been fascinated by the attention and enjoyment this children’s picture book has been getting with the proper relationship of the animal photos and rhymes.

“There’s the need for children to learn what are good decisions to make, to be and do as much as they can that’s good for them and others and to have the ability to protect and take good care of themselves. Their way of “living” can be a good example to other young people and their siblings”, says Irvin. “I believe each can!”

“…there has to be wisdom that impresses the minds of young children for a better now and a brighter future in this generation and for generations to come…” says Irvin.

Irvin wants this book to inspire children with hopes they will get as much education as they can, relate well with others and able to protect and provide for themselves .

“I also hope to inspire embracing other races and nationalities and not being judgmental of or humiliating to those who lack certain physical attributes and capabilities,” says Irvin.

“I have also been told by teenagers and adults, the book is good for them, too.”

Irvin’s book is available at https://www.iwanttoknowhowtogrow.com

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