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Inform Yourself! Inform Them!

Posted on by Teresa Irvin

One of the most secret and most appalling problems happening in many homes and in many communities worldwide is the abuse, neglect and molestation of children, as well as the exploitation of many children at a very early age, human trafficking, enslavement and some forced into becoming soldiers in many countries and ordered to kill. All children, preschool and elementary school age need to profoundly have their mind’s eye open to the realness of what is taking place everywhere. Downright courage needs to be instilled into them to tell and to know to run and scream “fire” to save their own lives. Check out these websites:











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Each One Teach One

Posted on by Teresa Irvin

It’s going to take all the nations’ leaders and citizens to strive to be good examples shown to children on how to conduct one’s self and do better for one’s self in this world as individuals and members of families, neighborhoods, communities, schools, churches and other environments they frequent within their state, country and the world as a whole for a child to not just know but experience the goodness of growing up civil, educated, taking good care of one’s self, progressing, prospering and wanting to be an inspiration and helpful to others, not a detriment to one’s own self and others.

I see a child and wonder what they’re being taught not only in school but in their daily life, all that’s influencing them and may affect the rest of their life.

“Each One Teach One” can surely pertain to people of all ages, even children at a very early age. You’re never too young or too old to inspire progress, to help someone else to. Taking interest in teaching new things and sharing understanding attained can be of great benefit to others and a feeling of accomplishment to one’s self. The results can be priceless and the ways adventurous, ingenious and creative. Enjoy astounding others and being astounded by good positive information and ways discovered, shared and expanded upon.

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