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For preschoolers to elementary school age children!

The Pet, Zoo and Farm Animals cleverly depict what’s being said in the witty informative rhymes created to inspire children at a very early age to:


Eat Nutritious Foods

Mind Their Teacher

Do Their Homework

Wonder About And Discover New Things

Look Forward To A Bright Future

Imagine What They Want To Be

Go Outside To Play With Friends

Be Really Careful Out In The Street

Beware Of Strangers

Don’t Allow Bullying

Tell If Someone Does Something Bad To Them

Obey Their Parents

Know Disobedience Can Get Them Grounded

Be A Good Brother Or Sister

Offer Forgiveness

Be Kind To Others

Don’t Ridicule Others

Befriend Other Races and Nationalities

Stay Out Of Gangs And Don’t Do Drugs

Get Plenty Of Rest

This plain and simple yet stirring and thought-provoking booklet not only ushers in the opportunity to explain eating right, exercising, how to treat others, handling bullying, not talking to strangers, being watchful crossing the street, the importance of getting an education and imagining what you want to be when you grow up, it gently paves the way to discuss the dreadful acts many children are enduring in homes and in communities worldwide. They need to know physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse is wrong and must cease. They need to become aware of these things at a very early age, taught and strengthened to take right action, to run, if possible, to scream “fire”, and most of all, to tell. Encourage them to be brave not fooled being told harm will come to family members. If anyone has suspicions or is told secrets a child has been hiding, immediately contact the proper authorities. Parents, grandparents and teachers have commented on how the photographed pet, zoo and farm animals and witty informative rhymes lead to great question and answer conversations.

So I write:

Let them know how best to grow.

Feel good about “I told you so”

About getting an education

And how to look out for yourself

And how to treat everybody

And do what’s good for your health.

To get outside and have some fun.

To stay away from strangers

And be sure to tell someone

If someone does bad things to you

Tell your parents and your teacher, too.

Continue to utilize your mind

As the “Ladder of Success” is climbed.

I Want to Know How to Grow Book

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